My Experience Dating A Gamer and Why I'd Encourage Others To

26 Oct 2020

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Picture this, January 2020 the world is normal, a girl goes online and messages a guy she finds attractive, from his profile bio that filled her with laughter, right down to his “single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive” t-shirt his personality shone through and she knew instantly she wanted to get to know him better.
Two dates, a worldwide pandemic with a lot of virtual dating and virtual gaming together then more in-person dates after the lockdown was lifted *cheers* that girl is now in a happy, loving relationship. 
That girl is me, and I’m dating a gamer. 
Or well I was... I’m now in a relationship with them.
In my experience Gamer dating is so much fun and something I believe many should try. When I first started dating my boyfriend he would tell me all about his console games and they sounded fascinating, the attention to detail, the story that goes along with it I was interested because he was sharing something he was passionate about with me just like I would talk about my love of reading and new book releases with him we were both taking the time to talk about things we enjoy doing and that’s what dating is all about, getting to know one another and wanting to spend more time with that person.

Although gaming can be seen as a bit of a hobby niche I think we need to give gamers a chance as the person behind the game and screen can be fascinating and interesting. Not only that but think about all the time and effort they put into solving a game.. When not gaming they’ll put that effort into your dates. (hopefully)
If you're wanting to check out the world of gamer dating then I suggest you check out Gamer’s Dates. The free gamer dating site where you can create your own profile, share the games you’re interested in, and chat with like-minded people who share the same interests… Hopefully, you'll find yourself your very own gamer.
According to The Entertainment Software Association,video game players are also more likely to pursue healthier lifestyles”  which can improve moods and also make you feel better mentally. Being around positive people gives you an instant boost also which sounds like a win-win to me.

If you’re worried though the person you are dating will be spending all their time gaming it could be the perfect opportunity for you to find something you’re interested in as well. My boyfriend and I have many individual interests and that’s why I feel we work, I respect his time when he needs or wants to play games and he respects mine when I'm reading.
Gaming doesn’t have to be all one-sided though or all console gaming as there are so many board games out there you could enjoy together that perhaps could bring out a little competitiveness between you both. For instance the night we played Pokemon Monopoly the game lasted for 4 hours and it’s one of the best nights I’ve had just sitting up playing games and finding something we were able to both enjoy whilst spending time with each other.
There are many virtual gaming ideas you can take advantage of as well when getting to know the gamer you’re dating. Check out my list of 5 Virtual Date Ideas where I mention different gaming options especially good for being on the go or taking 10 minutes away at night to spend with each other after a busy day.
My overall experience dating a gamer has been a positive one and I'm hoping it will continue to be, I've also found a love of gaming back for myself and looking forward to giving that a go for myself as well.
Have you ever dated a gamer? Do you enjoy playing games in your relationship? Let me know in the comments below.
I did not meet my partner on the dating site mentioned in this post.


  1. I'm a gamer myself - not hardcore but I do absolutely love getting stuck into PS games. I'm currently playing Until Dawn again in time for Halloween. My boyfriend games too but mostly racing games so we both certainly understand the love and appeal for gaming!

  2. My boyfriend sometimes spends his time gaming and I think all the backstory and skill behind is so impressive. I've tried myself but I am awful so I just leave that as his time now whilst I blog or read, haha!

    Tash // A Girl with a View

  3. I've never dated someone who has loved games but this post was really interesting to read and a great insight xx

  4. Both me & my boyfriend are gamers & we occassionaly play together, but we also have our own interests so if one of us is taking over the tv we have something to do haha

  5. Congratulations I'm so pleased it worked out for you both. I used to date a gamer too and used to have great fun playing against each other.

  6. This is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. Lds singles

  7. My boyfriend is a gamer and we met on an online dating app. Although I never really played games as much as he did. It's never really an issue for both of us, though. I try to give him his personal time as long as he's not neglecting the relationship.

  8. I've never really dated a gamer before but I wouldn't be opposed to it. I really like how there's a gamer dating site - I think that's so helpful and probably a lot nicer than the likes of tinder and bumble haha.

    I'm really happy that you it has worked out for you two.

    I also need Pokemon Monopoly - that's so cute.