Wake up to Glitter Makeup with Jolie Beauty - Review: Bomb Dot Com Eyeshadow Palette

12 Nov 2020

Wake up to Glitter Makeup with Jolie Beauty

*Gifted Product*

When Jolie Beauty recently contacted me about receiving their Bomb Dot Com glitter eyeshadow palette to review I knew it was a 100% yes without even thinking! Every item Jolie Beauty offers on their site is cruelty-free so I knew I could relax and enjoy their product at ease, not only that though Jolie Beauty also makes many vegan products from lipsticks, eyelashes, and eyeshadows all of which you should check out. One of those Vegan products is the palette I’m raving about below! 

For so many years I've been looking for a glitter eyeshadow that gives my eyes a "pop”.  I've tried so many glitter palettes and dust pots over the years, was just about ready to give up when in walks the best makeup palette I’ve used in 2020. In my opinion! No joke.

I couldn’t wait to get it open when it arrived and the first colour I tried was the gold shade named Golden Ticket to make an Instagram Reel with. As you can see from the pictures the pigment is exactly how it looks on the palette and I couldn't believe how the overall effect remained in place after.  

I really wanted to give this palette my all and test to see how long-lasting it was which is why I did my makeup and eyes as usual and then went about my day without topping it up I should add. The end result though surprised me so much I have to be honest my first thoughts were this would be perfect for nights out and would last even after dancing for many hours on the dancefloor especially with one shade called “Disco”.

When applying the eyeshadow I realised the best methods for application were using my finger or a stiff bristle brush, perfect for those not so keen on putting their fingers close to their eyes. I recommend having some makeup wipes and cotton buds handy also just to gently rid yourself of any loose glitter on your face. 

The Bomb Dot Com Palette contains 24 shades and with its beautiful, sparkly, and elegant packaging, it is the perfect thing to display and admire on your makeup counter or space. Not only that - it comes with a matching glittery gold cardboard sleeve to help protect your product from scratches or even spillages. I've mine sitting pride of place on my beauty shelves and every morning I eye it with a smile on my face and contemplate what shade to use that day. 

The Bomb Dot Com glitter eyeshadow palette will be the perfect item to help add a little glam to your Christmas 2020, with its glittery green, red, and gold you'll be spoilt for choice, even if you’re in the house this year with shades titled “ignite, crowned, showgirl and regal” you’ll feel on top of the world, especially as it's priced at £27.99 right now.

Thank you so much Jolie Beauty for the palette and restoring my faith that anyone can achieve a glitter eye.

What do you think of the palette? Do you like wearing glitter eyeshadow? Let me know below.  

Receiving this item as a gift has not affected my opinion and my thoughts above are honest.


  1. Is the glitter used in these products to eco friendly biodegradable type?

  2. I love the look of the eye shadows particularly the Golden Ticket and shoe girl.

  3. I love this! It's the perfect Christmas palette xx


  4. Oh that palette is so beautiful! I love glitter eyeshadow and those look like some pretty shades!

  5. oh my goodness the colour is so pigmented i love it!xx

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com/

  6. This palette looks amazing! Love the eyeshadow look you did with it too!

    Tash - A Girl with a View