5 Handmade Gifts for the One You Love This Christmas

11 Dec 2020

When it comes to gifting at Christmas if you're anything like me ... money is not important. I would love a DIY gift because it's the thought, time and effort someone I care about has put into it. 

I sat and thought "what gifts would I appreciate this Christmas" and I came up with these ideas that would mean so much to me. So if you're stuck on gifts to buy the one you love then take note as here is a list of DIY gifts you can create for them. 

1) A printed photo framed with a note

Who doesn't love our selfies come to life on our shelves or nightstand? It's super cute and special!

2) Redemption vouchers or coupons

You could make these as unique to your relationship as possible and also as naughty or nice as you want to be with them! Check out some of the ideas on Pinterest. I absolutely love this idea and half tempted to do it for my boyfriend!

3) Scrapbook

Make them a scrapbook full to the brim of photos, cinema tickets, and little handwritten messages. 

4) Open When Letters

One for when they're sad, happy, stressed, missing you etc. These are the perfect little pick me up for long-distance. It's always great talking on the phone and video calling but sometimes a handwritten letter can really hit home. 

5) 52 Reasons Why You Love Them 

Grab an old deck of cards and personalise each one with a reason you love your other half. You can get as creative as you like and in the end, hole punch a hole in them and tie a ribbon through them to bind them all together.  

What do you think of the above ideas? Do you like gifting and receiving handmade gifts? Let me know below! 

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