Blogmas 2020.. so far..

14 Dec 2020

Back in November, I remember feeling so excited that I'd written 31 blog posts and was ready to get them all written and scheduled but as soon as December hit and even till this day I have been in complete and utter stress mode.. worrying about presents, am I gifting people enough, money, spending time with everyone that I've worn myself out.. completely! 

Blogmas for me wasn't meant to be about that and I assumed (silly me) it would be fun! I haven't even had a chance to really push my posts out there and read my favourite blogs! This is why this week I'm doing things a little differently, I'm going to really take a step back, try to relax and enjoy the lead up to Christmas because for me it isn't about gifts or anything like it but time spent together and when I say all I want is a little time with someone I hope they feel the same. 

I took a step back this weekend past from everything - social media, blogging, emailsw which really helped! I spent some quality time with my boyfriend, went to a football match and really got my energy levels restored. 

Plans for this week include catching up on my favourite blogs and taking things a little easier and enjoying crafting, watching festive movies with my mum. 

So far with Blogmas 2020....

Are you doing blogmas? Do you have any tips? Let me know below! 

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