Hello December | Welcome The Start Of Blogmas 2020

1 Dec 2020

This year I'm planning on doing Blogmas and am determined to stick to it! I've been talking about this for weeks and my lovely, helpful boyfriend even sat and literally brainstormed ideas with me. I've made a tab at the top "Blogmas 2020" where you can find my full December schedule. Direct links to posts will follow daily as posts go live.

First things first though, what is blogmas? Blogmas is a yearly feature where bloggers can write and share posts every day in December. The posts don't necessarily have to be festive themed. Obviously, everyone's interpretation of Blogmas is different, and prompts can include favourite playlists, movies to watch, and also festive wishlists. The aim of the game is to write publish everyday!

This year I'm taking part because in my nearly 10 years of blogging I've never fully completed a full Blogmas. I often make attempts and then my mental health gets me down or I feel demotivated and my focus changes but this year I made a promise to myself not to let things get on top of me and it's a promise I plan to keep. Next year also as I mentioned sees Voluptuous Chatterbox turn 10 and I really want to focus on my writing and sharing more of my ideas and experiences through my blog so by writing everyday in December I hope it will keep me motivated to keep going. 

Christmas has always been an important part of the year for me, it's the time my family would have gathered in my Grandparent's house - exchanged gifts and caught up with each other. We would have all been spaced around the house just enjoying each other's company. (Being nice to each other cause my Grandmother was present!) Things may have changed and be different but as long as we make the most of it I believe we can have an amazing time. 

Upcoming posts include quick and simple dessert ideas, local or small businesses to check out, and even a possible football match and dinner out! If it's safe and guidelines permit us to. I've even roped my boyfriend in to do a Christmas style boyfriend tag with some festive questions for us each to answer. 

This month I've also signed up to do a Christmas Card exchange hosted by Life with KT Kinnes and am so excited as I intend to get a start on crafting them tonight. I always make so many cards every year with not many to send to so this has really given me a boost as writing cards always brings a smile to my face. 

I'm taking part in the self-care advent calendar hosted by The Self Love Summit. Every day there will be something to self-care to complete and honestly, I believe we can never do too much self-care for ourselves. 

Again this month I have a could-do list of things I'd like to accomplish. 

- make a ginger bread house
- make hot chocolate with mallows
- watch a festive movie with my mum
- read a Christmas book
- Watch the nutcracker 
- Prep for 2021 and what I want to achieve 
- Get dressed up 
- Wrap Presents
- Bake Christmas cookies
- Sing Christmas songs
- Do something kind for someone
- Pay it forward
- Write Christmas cards
- make a Christmas decoration 
- Make a festive ice cream sundae

I've managed to convince my boyfriend to do a couples to-do list. He's under the impression it'll be fun and I really think I'm going to have a relaxed approach to it and not try to take the "perfect" picture so I've also made this little graphic so we can tick off what we complete! 

What do you have planned for the month of December? Are you doing blogmas? Let me know below. 


  1. I've not done blogmas before but I am so busy with birthdays as well as xmas that I barely have time to sit down! I honestly take my hat off to anyone who can keep it up.

    1. Gah! Definitely, you don't want to add another thing onto that! It's so hard to keep up! Not only with writing them but then putting your all into the promoting! I don't understand why I do this to myself ever year! LOL It is really fun though and a fab way to meet others who blog at this time of year!

  2. Wow I've heard of Vlogmas on YouTube but didn't realise bloggers did that too. What a nice idea and your couples to-do list is cute!

    1. Vlogmas must be so hard! All the editing and stuff! Thanks so much! I'm getting my phone out at any point for photos with him!