My Christmas Wishlist

3 Dec 2020

 It's the same conversation I have every year with my family ... 

Them: "What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: "Nothing. I'm good! Treat yourself to something, I have everything I need."

Them: *Looks at me in annoyance.*

Me: "..."

When I say this it's not for them to push and ask again, I genuinely just don't want my family going out of their way to buy me a gift and would rather them use the money for something they need instead. Christmas is such a financially worrying time that adding one more thing to a budget really can put a lot of stress on someone that they don't need. 

I always end up asking for the same thing anyway, time with that person or chocolate and I'm easily pleased. I did tell my boyfriend I wanted the tree outside Belfast City Hall but he said no..  There are always a few little items we have our eye on or hope Santa brings and I've included mine below. 

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.

1) Paige Toon has re-released The Minute I Saw You with a fresh blue wintry cover and it's something I really want to get my hands one. My boyfriend ordered one but it came in yellow which means I now have two yellow copies but as I've told him.. it's special anyway as it's the first book (and favourite book) he bought me.

2) Freedom Mallows Roasting - Toasting Fun Kit - I've always wanted to try roasted mallows but it's so hard to find gelatine free ones which is why I would love this kit to roast some marshmallows! Especially because I know Freedom Mallows are the best veggie-friendly ones around!

3) Book Angel Mug from Miss Bohemia - I love all MB's items but this mug just pulls me in, I would love to sit and have a hot chocolate in this!

4) Reindeer Christmas Carol Mug - This looks so cute and a bonus is it can be personalised, I would love this, though would end up keeping it out all year round. 

5) Giant Percy Pig - Veggie Percy Pigs are m ultimate go-to snack so when I can only what snuggling with this giant Percy pig would be like in bed with a bag of those sweets to match!

6) Top Trumps - my boyfriend has me into playing so many board or card games and I'd actually love these cute Disney Classics edition, Grand Prix or Frozen ones! 

7) The Ultimate Brush Collection from No 7 - I love the colours of these brushes, every year I always check out Boots to see wat colours the new No 7 brushes are this years no different as I adore them, I use my midnight blue and rose gold ones from last year every time I apply make-up as I genuinely believe No 7 brushes are the best! 

8) Dobble - This game is so addictive and fun to play, I always end up getting so competitive when playing it so would love my own set to practice with! 

9) Nicky Clarke Friz Control Hairdryer - I'm thinking practical finally and adding something I genuinely need! 

10) Dreaming of my book boyfriend sleep mask - Miss Bohemia - I've always had a fascination with eye masks and have collected quite a few over the years so when my sister showed me Miss Bohemias 'Dreaming off my book boyfriend' design, I knew I was adding it to my wishlist! 

There you have it! 10 Items I wouldn't be opposed to receiving this year! 

What's on your wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments below! 

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