The Boyfriend Tag | Christmas Style

7 Dec 2020

This is my first Christmas with my boyfriend so I wanted to do something fun to celebrate that and as he always brings out my goofy and carefree side so naturally, I decided The Boyfriend Tag would be a fab way to see how similar or opposite we are when it comes to the festive period as he knows I'm kind of excited with Christmas. 

1) What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? 

Kerry-Ann: I'm most looking forward to my first Christmas with Lee and spending time with my family. 

Lee: Spending it in a relationship with someone I love.

2) Do you have any festive traditions?

Kerry-Ann: We always open one present on Christmas Eve.. although over the years my sister and I have bent the rules so it's only one present from our mum!

Lee: I go to my parents' house on Christmas Eve and stay over until 26th/27th. 

3) When you hear the word Christmas, what do you think about?

Kerry-Ann: Lights, Christmas trees and my family on Christmas morning when we still get excited to rip the paper off our gifts.

Lee: Snow, good spirits and family.

4) Is there anywhere you'd like to spend the holiday season?

Kerry-Ann: This is easy, without a doubt New York. It's one of the cities I've been obsessed with since I was a child and I've had a festive New York bucket list for years! 

Lee: 2 places - either Las Vegas (to see how it gets decorated) or New York!

5) What does your Christmas dinner look like?

Kerry-Ann: Mashed and Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Garden and Bigga Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower.

Lee: Turkey, stuffing, gammon, roast and boiled potatoes, sprouts, peas and carrots. Sometimes chipolatas.

6) Do you have a favourite Christmas or December memory?

Kerry-Ann: We always went to my Grandparents when I was growing up on Christmas day it was always where my whole family congregated and I remember when I was about 11 it was snowing and nearly my whole family had a massive snow fight! My Granny watched from the window whilst my Granda watched his film on the TV and we literally just all had a ball together. 

Lee: The surprise of receiving a Playstation 2 in 2000 when I never expected to receive it. 

7) What gift have you always wanted but never received? 

Kerry-Ann: I've always wanted a charm bracelet filled with charms that represent different memories with someone. I always asked for one or dropped hints every year but my mum always tells me she wouldn't have a clue what to fill it with.

Lee: Action Man Street racer, but Santa wrote me a letter to explain that his elves couldn't make it. 

8) Do you have a real or artificial tree?

Kerry-Ann: Artificial! If I think it's bad my cat Ethan attempting to snack on the fake one everyday, gosh knows what he would do with a real one!

Lee: Artificial for sure! I couldn't keep a real one!

9) You've been granted a wish, what is it?

Kerry-Ann:  To give the world a hug right now! I don't think there's not one person that deserves or needs one.

Lee: For the global pandemic to subside shortly so we can get back to normality very soon afterwards. 

10) What are your plans or goals for 2021?

Kerry-Ann: I spent 2020 focusing on my finances and it's something I will continue to focus on going into 2021. Although in 2021 I want to really think about career options and goals within that area of my life as well as my blogging/writing. 

My plans include continuing to support my boyfriend in his streaming and also strengthening my relationships with friends, family, and my boyfriend.

Lee: To get better at my current job, to support my girlfriend in expanding her audience on her social media platforms and her blog as well as my Twitcher channel and influence.


Song: All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey
Movie: ELF
Snack: Candy Canes or Poundland Chocolate Santas
Gift Received: A Telescope I never knew I was getting one year, my dad had lost his job and we didn't have much but it was still one of my favourite Christmasses when he left and came back into the living room after we'd opened our presents and told us someone had left more gifts at the door for us. Mine was a telescope and it's my gift I've received at Christmas. 
Drink: Pink Gin and Lemonade (as pictured below) or Hot Chocolae

Song: All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey
Movie: Die Hard or Gremlins (Don't @ me)
Snack: Candy Cane or Chocolate
Gift Received: I couldn't pick one I cherish them all.
Drink: Has to be beer for me, sadly!

I'm actually surprised by the similarities in some of our answers but also really happy how much we both love the festive season and how important our families are to us. 

Lee is a Twitch streamer under the name cptfishpaste as mentioned I before in my 10 Twitch Streamers You Should Be Watching if you're interested in gaming or enjoy watching others play games then check out his channel and social media links below! I can guarantee you'll be laughing, smiling, and have a fab time if you stop by! We always end up talking and chatting about so much more than gaming and he's always so supportive of fellow streamers that sop by and off me and my blogging. 

Check out The Ultimate Couples Gift Guide from Christmas With Katie full of amazing ideas for within the home or with a personal touch.

What do you think of The Boyfriend Tag? Have you done it with a partner? Let me know below! 


  1. Loved this! Such a fun idea! :) Happy Blogmas!!

  2. Aww this was so lovely to read and find more out about you and your bf xx

    1. Thank you so much! I've always wanted to do something like this and so glad he was game xx