April Showers bring May Flowers

3 May 2021

Restrictions have eased, shop doors have reopened and there's a buzz amongst my local town. It actually felt really good to see so many people with smiles on their faces when I was getting my hair done on Friday. New Month, New Hair, right?

I've not braved beer gardens or Primark nor will I for another couple of weeks as the hype settles but I cannot wait to sit and have a cocktail and buy a new handbag, I'm actually excited to get out and fight against my anxiety especially in time for Lee's birthday.

My social media and blogging have basically gone silent and that's because my mental health took a nose dive the last couple of months, I avoided messages and texts, even the simplest of tasks had me exhausted but I know that in these times when this happens I'm not alone and to keep going plus I've started having a good old fashioned clearout to become a bit more minimalistic, April Showers bring May Flowers so I'm hoping my moods will improve by doing more. 

In March I talked myself into a Poundland buying ban and in April went on a takeaway ban so after much thought for what to do this month I came to the conclusion to not give up on sorting out my room. I have so much stuff and not a lot of space to relax so I'm motivating myself to not give up and going to treat myself at the end of the month to something.. what that will be I'm not sure but it will be a treat! 

There's so much I want to explore and write about this month and going further with Voluptuous Chatterbox. I've grown so much since starting my blog and I feel it's ready for a couple of new paths as my interests and life change from friendships, mental health, and even to dealing with OCD I feel it's time to share more as well as getting back into fashion. 

I've had clothes lying in the wardrobe since last year and this summer I intend to wear them and make the most of the summer. 

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know below. 

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