Happy August - Birthday Plans & A Little Wishlist

15 Aug 2021


August is one of my favourite months of the year and not just because it's my birthday month though that is a major part of it. 

For me, it's the month to enjoy the rest of the sunshine we may get but also time to note the small changes around us as the new seasons beginning. 

I always say I celebrate my birthday for a month, what that means is I treat myself, every month of the year I'm cautious with money, saving and trying to not buy unimportant things that I won't use or need but for this one month I'll treat myself, for example to the £6.50 soap and glory shower gel over the £1 Nivea I usually opt for. If I fancy a takeaway I'm more likely to get one and not worry where I would be better putting that money. 

The night before my birthday I'm going away to stay for the night with my mum and sister as a birthday present which I'm so excited about as it'll be nice to relax and spend some quality time with them and on my birthday at night I'm spending some time with Lee and eating lots of cake! 

A birthday post wouldn't be the same without a little wishlist so check out a few things I'm hoping to treat myself to this month. 

I know there's some Autumnal items in there and that's because my mindset has been on Autumn this last month with writing posts for blogtober. 

Do you treat yourself during your birthday month? Let me know below! 

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