You Glow Girl - My Thoughts on The Real Me Program

27 Oct 2021

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On my first day at Glow I can remember getting ready and saying to Lee, well moaning to Lee did I have to go as I didn't like people and they might eat me. Truth be told, I was waffling on because my anxiety was skyrocketing. I even said to him I hope they don't make us wear those silly name stickers so everyone remembers your name but you always end up leaving with it on you for the duration of your day as you forget and you're still too nervous to ever tell anyone else they've got theirs on. (Or it might just be me that left with theirs on one day. At 28 name stickers might be a good idea, my memory isn't as great as it used to be. I will honestly say I couldn't remember everyone's name. I needed them more than ever.) 

Glow was relaxing, positive and so open. It was informal and I believe everyone felt included. We all came from different backgrounds, history, and although similar experiences in life the one thing we all had in common was that we were in that class for our own reasons and we all got along. It wasn't long before we were making jokes and having banter. I met so many amazing, strong, intelligent women that I hope to remain good friends with. 

When asked on the first day why we had come to Glow I was honest and my exact words were "because I don't know who I am anymore." As I've written about before, I was in an abusive, controlling relationship where everything was near enough decided and demanded for me.
Whether it be clothing, going out with family, and even taking days off work because it suited them it can be such a scary, daunting feeling when you suddenly have control back. When I left my relationship I was fearful of making decisions incase it was the wrong one and I tried so hard to say yes to everything and people-pleasing which meant not sharing my opinion incase it wasn't allowed. I didn't know what my thoughts and feeling were towards something because for so long I'd been living through someone else's expectations.

In six weeks The Real Me program with Glow has shown me I can be confident in who I am with others, not just online. I've also learned to not be afraid of sharing opinions and standing up for myself. The main thing I was struggling with when starting Glow was direction, there were so many things spiraling in my head that I thought I needed or wanted to do by a certain age but when I sat and thought about it I realised I was doing what was expected of me instead of what I actually wanted. 

Pushing boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone is scary and anxiety-filling but it built confidence, strength, and also self-belief. I believe in myself and I have set smart goals
to start achieving the things I want to. During the program, I had the opportunity to take part in team-building exercises and also rockclimbing. 

View on Instagram HERE

That was so much funI said I'd try and I did, I went in with an open mind and had so much fun before even attemping this. I pushed myself and I gave it a go. Did I go as far as I wanted? No! But it's easier to climb the wall higher in your head when your hands aren't burning, going red and your feet are secure on the ground.

Glow's The Real Me Program has had such a positive impact in my life that I know I'd still be feeling a bit stuck if I hadn't gotten the encouragement and pushed myself to go.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from a program like this I highly suggest you check out their website for more information. 

Taken from their website 

Glow's Mission Statement: 

To empower women and girls in Northern Ireland (and beyond) to discover their true identity and purpose so they can achieve their full potential.

Have you ever completed a course like Glow? What is something that's built your confidence? 
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Autumnal Blog Tag

25 Oct 2021

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I'm so excited to have been tagged in this Autumnal tag, as soon as I saw All Thing Gee was doing it I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. I love checking out everyone's different thoughts and interests with these. 

- Favourite candle scent 

This changes seasonally but round this time of year definitely ginger or cinnamon. 

- What is the best fall memory you have? 

When I was in primary school my dad lost his job and we literally struggled for money but my parents wanted to make sure I didn't miss out so we all scrambled to find what money and change we could so I could attend the school disco. 50p entry fee was needed and we managed to find over £2 altogether which meant a little something for the tuck shop. My dad drew whiskers and a nose with a black felt tip and I was a cat! It was the highlight of my whole primary school experience. 

- Best Fragrance for fall

Something with a little spice like cinnamon or ginger. 

- Favourite thanksgiving food

We don't celebrate thanksgiving in the UK but potatoes for sure. They're the perfect food. 

- What is Autumn weather where you live? 

I live in Northern Ireland so cloudy, dull and also a lot of rain and dropping temps at times. 

- Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves? 

Can I have both? Jump in the leaves before or after the match? If they lose I'll need something fun to do and if it's cold I'll need to do prior to the match to warm up. 

- Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? 

I've never tried it, every year I tell myself (and others) I'm going to but always end up with my good ole' faithful hot chocolate. 

- Favourite fall TVshow? 

For me it has to be The Good Witch on Netflix. It's such a family-friendly, heartwarming show. I love it. 

- What song really gets you into the fall spirit? 

For me this year it has to be Black Magic by Jonasu. I've been doing tiktoks to it and absolutely love the witchy vibes I'm feeling from it. 

- What do you want to be for Halloween?

Usually I'm a witch. I love witches and dressing up as one but this year I'm trying out new looks because of tiktok and I'm really thinking Marvels Wanda. 

- Hats or scaves? 

I can't wear anything up close round my neck so definitely hats. 

- What is your #1 favourite thing about fall? 

The spooky feeling in the air, witchy vibes and the whole atmosphere of this time of year. 

What do you think about Pumpkin spice? Do I need to try it? 

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Poster Store - The Must Need Prints For Your Home

22 Oct 2021



When I was approached by Poster Store to receive a selection of their posters I knew after spending time on gazing at their prints I was not turning down the amazing opportunity. Especially as they care so much about sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests that meet the highest environmental standards. 
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No Fear Halloween Movies You Need To Watch

20 Oct 2021

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When it comes to Halloween, I appear sometimes to be the only one that is a scaredy-cat amongst my family and friends! Horror and thriller movies are what I try to avoid as best I can as I like being able to sleep at night and not worried the bogey man is gonna try and kidnap me! When the trailers on TV advertise a scary movie coming soon to the cinema or TV channels introducing their Halloween run-up I quickly close my eyes or change the channel... then take deep breaths! 

That's why I decided to make the image below to mark all the movies I want to watch this month so I don't forget. Ofcourse there isn't any scary movies on this list unless you count BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE. Sorry couldn't resist! 

What are your favourite movies to watch for Halloween? Let me know below.

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Caution! Jewellery You Need For Halloween

4 Oct 2021

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Halloween is just over 3 weeks away so why not prepare your accessories now and get sorted for the celebration with some of the earrings I've made on Cosy Hand-Crafts plus check out the exclusive discount below. 

Whether dressing up for Halloween or just enjoying the spooky feel in the air these accessories are perfect for everyone. Plus there are more being added later in the week! 

SKULLS £2.99 Check out HERE

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Witches £2.99 Check out HERE

Ghosts £2.99 Check out HERE

This week I have bookmarks, earrings and more being added! For the month of October use code VCHALLOWEEN on all the Halloween range for 20% off! 

What's your favourite Halloween Accessory to wear? Do you accessorise for Halloween? Let me know below! 
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Happy Mean Girls Day - This stuff is SO FETCH

3 Oct 2021

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Happy Mean Girls Day - right now I'm probably sitting watching the movie itself. It's October 3rd so seems appropriate right? From my burn book makeup bag to my plastics water bottle anyone close to me can see I am a massive Mean Girls fan. 



Do you think you know all about Mean Girls or hosting a themed night? Then this party game  is the perfect thing you need - filled with question cards and more. How well do you really know the movie?

If you're wanting to add a little memorabilia to your kitchen then these magnets with the most popular quotes would look perfect on your fridge or freezer. 

Keep a list of how many times you watch the movie using this pretty Burn Book notebook or this pack containing 3

I never knew how much I love Damiens character until recently, his one-liners are the best. This Damien inspired mug is great for any fans! 


It's a given that Mean Girls will be watched more than once this month so relax after the movie with this themed colouring book.

Last but not least look forward to the year ahead with this 2022 diary that comes with "busy" stickers and stills from the movie. 

But for now... I really can't go out.... I'm watching Mean Girls and I'm sick! 


Do you love or hate Mean Girls? Let me know below. 
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10 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

2 Oct 2021

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Last year I was apprehensive when the Autumn months were approaching as I really think my mental health strives during the summer months but this year I am all for the coldness. Especially the snuggling with Lee under a big duvet, bowl popcorn and Hocus Pocus on the screen! 

This year I also have more things to fill my time with and concentrating on ways to improve my mental health. 

Here's my list of reasons why I love Autumn - let me know some of yours below. 

- all the thick blankets 

- reading with the blinds open on dark nights

- Hot chocolate

- Primark scarves 

-Walking through crunchy leaves 

- autumns colour

- Hats and gloves to match every outfit

- walking in the mornings when it's fresh and crisp

- everything having witchy vibes

- New cosy pajamas

- Halloween 


What's your favourite things about Autumn?
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Hello October - Times Are Changing For The Better

1 Oct 2021

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Hello October - The temperatures have officially dropped and I'm loving it.. at night when all wrapped up cosy in bed not so much the early mornings when I'm getting up to attend a course from Glow and I'm shivering even with ten layers on. I feel so incredibly lucky to be doing a class with them as it benefits my mental health getting into a routine and it's been so amazing meeting new people and gaining more confidence in myself. Plus it gives me an excuse to leave even earlier in the morning to sneak in some writing and a hot chocolate. 

This month I plan on taking part in Blogtober which means writing a blog post everyday. I've written a few already but with my laptop charger having went kaput and then my phone breaking it's meant I haven't been able to post much online or write as much as I'd like. I never realised before how much I relied on both to keep me entertained until I didn't have either at the tips of my fingertips, it has made me appreciate taking time away from the screen though. 

There are so many topics I want to write about and highlight this month especially as October is home for so many awareness campaigns which include OCD and Domestic Violence. Both of which are very personal to me. 

Another reason I'm trying to focus so much on blogging everyday is because I have my last counselling session this week and it fills me with so much anxiety about what will happen when it stops but last week my counsellor told me that I'm already putting into action and doing what I need to. Each session is 50 minutes long and in a week (I got Lee to work this out) there are 10080 minutes, so whilst I was worried about how to occupy my time instead of counselling, it really is a small portion of the week compared to how many minutes there are between sessions especially if all tools and coping mechanisms are applied from each session. Going to counselling is something I never normally mention or write about because I'm always so weary about peoples reactions and how much I share online but it's something I want to write about more. 

I've so looking forward to writing more on Voluptuous Chatterbox and have a new design in mind for it and also have posts from August and September to rewrite and share. It's going to be a busy month!

Purchase the pumpkin earrings in the picture above HERE and use code CHATTERBOX10 for 10% off!

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you taking part in Blogtober? Let me know below. 
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