Caution! Jewellery You Need For Halloween

4 Oct 2021

Halloween is just over 3 weeks away so why not prepare your accessories now and get sorted for the celebration with some of the earrings I've made on Cosy Hand-Crafts plus check out the exclusive discount below. 

Whether dressing up for Halloween or just enjoying the spooky feel in the air these accessories are perfect for everyone. Plus there are more being added later in the week! 

SKULLS £2.99 Check out HERE

PUMPKINS £2.99 Check out HERE

Witches £2.99 Check out HERE

Ghosts £2.99 Check out HERE

This week I have bookmarks, earrings and more being added! For the month of October use code VCHALLOWEEN on all the Halloween range for 20% off! 

What's your favourite Halloween Accessory to wear? Do you accessorise for Halloween? Let me know below! 

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