10 Sassy Responses For When Asked Why You're Single

11 Nov 2021

10 Sassy Responses For When Asked Why You're Single

Happy Singles Day to all you single people out there! I am not single but I can remember how annoying that question "Why Are You Single?" is to be asked which is why I'm republishing this post which was originally posted in 2019. 

It's time to own YOU, get your sass on with these 10 Responses For When Asked Why You're Single! Hold your head high and speak with confidence and assertiviness because we can choose how we respond to any question that comes our way.

Why Are You Single? 

1) It's 2021 and I'm happy doing me! I have everything I need and don't need. A.K.A A partner!

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2) I'm concentrating on my career and focusing on myself. 

3) I prefer to date and have a weekly variety! (Because why can't you?) 

4) Why Are You Still in a relationship/married?

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5) Want to talk about how my job is going? 

6) I'm not settling just so my relationship status changes.

7) I've not met anyone good enough. Next Question?

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8) I'm committed to living *my life* the way I want first.

9) Because I'm the new Snow White! Why have one partner when she happily had seven?

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10) Is that any of your business? Don't be afraid to question their wantingness nosiness to know! 

What do you think of them? What do you reply with? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. These are such good comebacks! people can be so rude with their questions! My friend often has awesome stories of when she has been asked such a rude question and what her awesome comeback was - she never fails to make me laugh!

    Hope that your week is going well! Another rainy spring one here!

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