Hello November - We Can Do This!

1 Nov 2021

Blogtober didn't exactly go to plan, October has been such a busy, exciting, eye-opening month. 

My Glow course finished and whilst I try to chalk up and take on board everything I learned it's very hard to keep reminding myself to keep putting these things into action but I'm trying.

Blogging has been slow for many reasons, first off my laptop charger broke, then my phone, and now blogger apparently has a bug that won't allow me to change my template or edit it. I've been looking at changing to Wordpress after so many years and I'm hoping to make that change this month... if I'm brave enough. 

November is a month I struggle with as for me it's long, we have Halloween to look forward to in October and then Christmas in December which means November just sits in the middle for me. 

I've wrote a handful of self-help posts for the month ahead and made plans to keep me going which means most likely will include a lot of visits to Del Pieros for blogging. 

My goals for the month ahead include 

* cooking more *
* deluttering * 
* lots of self care * 
* blog more * 
* filling in my positivity journal * 
* Read More *

Do you struggle with the winter months? What's your go-to self-care routine? 

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