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Hello! Welcome to Voluptuous Chatterbox, pull up a seat, and have a read! In a relatively large town outside Belfast on a rainy day (I'm assuming) a plus-size redhead sat pondering what to call the new blog she'd been dreaming of for years but been to shy to start. Hiding in her book blog (A Bookish Redhead) and world of books for 4 years she finally decided to put the book down, take the plunge and Voluptuous Chatterbox was made!

That redhead in question is me. (Obviously) My names Kerry-Ann, I'm 26 and from Northern Ireland. I love nothing more than getting lost in a good book preferably by one of my favourite authors although I do have many other passions in life which include fashion, beauty, crafting & trying new cocktails! All of which you can find right here!

Like many, I've not always had the best relationship with my body and it's been a love/hate argument for years but that's slowly changing and every day there are still parts about my body I criticise just because I don't find them "perfect." I'm changing that perception though and I'm on a self-love journey finding confidence in new ways through fashion, trying new things and making sure to surround myself (including my social media) with body confidence bloggers and inspirational people so when I sign on there's instant positive feeling to the content I'm seeing. There will be good days and not so good days all of which I will share here because at end of the day... we put our bodies through so much that they deserve to be loved. 

Pet Life -  

My little bundle below who I've always shared in my about page (and it feels right to continue to do so) sadly isn't with us no longer. My precious little Tiddles who I rescued from Assisi Animal Sanctuary for my sixth birthday passed away in October 2016 which I am hugely saddened by as she was a major part of my life. (always sitting on things I was using) I will miss her dearly but I am happy she is no longer in pain and am so lucky to have had her for close to 20 years.

I rescued this little devil in July 2017 from Animal Connexions and what a handful he is! He rules the house, has his very own Instagram account (@mrethan17), chases his tail as well as having his own monthly Ethan's Diary feature on my blog and I feel is close to taking over the country! Just look how cute he is when he's asleep... once awake though? Definitely not! RUN!

 - I live just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland - 

- I am a natural redhead -

- I make and sell crafts on Etsy @cosyhandcrafts -

- I have OCD -

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