Welcome to Voluptuous Chatterbox - Goals & Plans for the Year Ahead

4 Jan 2021

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Welcome to Voluptuous Chatterbox, I thought I'd write a little intro for 2021 with what to expect on the blog this year, my goals, and what I learned last year. 

First things first, what did I learn last year? 


That DA scores apparently mean alot to some brands and not that much to others. It just all depends on the brand itself, my DA score fluctuated so much last year that I became slightly obsessed with monitoring it until I told myself to let it go and continue blogging. 

I make that sound alot easier than it was, it seemed almost every place I looked though people were always posting about it and I even saw one comment that basically said if you didn't have a certain figure then just stop. It felt so disheartening but in all my years of blogging that's never been something I've been interested in nor do I understand most of it, my little space has always been a place for me to share my thoughts, feelings, and daily goings-on. I do want to look into what it all means and try to understand it abit better though. 

What to expect this month:

I've made a start to 2021 by organising my posts and ideas for the month ahead and so far I'm more prepared than I've ever been, which I hope will continue. I'm focusing on week to week instead of month to month, something which Katie from Life with KTKinnes recommended back in December to do. It's less stressful and allows time not to feel overwhelmed or stressed. I've always been someone that tried to plan so far in the future that I hardly got any writing done as I was so busy writing lists and ideas before realising the month was nearly over.

This month includes tips for when you're meeting the parents, a couple little early (and easy) Valentine's Day baking treats as well as the ultimate Veggie Friendly Hot chocolate at home! 

What to expect this year? 

Continuing on from what I mentioned above, I'm not going to try and plan out what to expect this year apart from more dating and relationship related content, more beauty and fashion and hopefully days out in the summer! I would love to go on some summery dates and trips away with Lee to enjoy the sunshine! 

My goals include 

- posting regularly on social media
- taking time out to read blogs 
- to focus on writing things that I want without worrying about others opinions 


What I learnt last year? 

I learnt alot about myself and the people around me, I'm stronger than I've ever been and I will no longer tolerate those that don't have my best interests at heart or are happy for my accomplishments, no matter how much it hurts to say goodbye to them, I know sometimes it's for the best. I want to surround myself with positive and like-minded people who can be happy for each other and cheer each other on when we need it most. 

What to expect this month? 

I'm trying to organise my time more beneficially and not take on too many things that I so often do because I don't like saying no to someone, so this month I'm going to start saying no to things I don't want to do or that I know I don't have time for. 

There are so many books I have that I've not read so I'm planning on having my yearly book clearout and sort through all the books I want to read next on my TBR and then make sure I take time to read them! 

What to expect this year..

Last year I focused so much on my mental health and finances that I want to continue practising self-care and looking after myself both physically and mentally. This year I want to focus on the career aspect of things and fight through my anxiety including my blogging and strengthening the relationships I have in my life. 

My goals include: 

- pay off a debt
- be more physically active 
- try different foods
- wear more of what I want to wear

There are a few more goals I could write but they are what I'm focusing on and I don't want to write so many that I don't accomplish none. 

Do you have any goals? What did you learn or take away from 2020? Let me know below. 
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Happy New Year - A Look Back at 2020

1 Jan 2021

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Happy New Year, I hope you had a safe but fun start to the new year. My plans involved watching Cursed, a new to me series on Netflix to fill my Bridgerton sized gap, and eating a giant Toblerone before my boyfriend surprised me with a video call at midnight.

I've started writing "Looking back on 2020 I'm sure we can all say it's been a..." but no words will come because how do you describe 2020? Each of us as individuals went through the same thing but reacted to it very differently, we experienced it together though alone. The pandemic has changed everything, I don't even know what "normal" looks like anymore so when someone mentions "getting back to normal" I'm not entirely sure I want to go back but more I want to move forward. 

I wanted to make 2020 the year of focusing on the financial side of my life and I did, I managed to pay off two debts that I got into from an abusive relationship which feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. The pandemic made me focus on my mental health massively and I have made so many breakthroughs in the last year, reaching out for help, dealing with past trauma, and also sharing apart of that on Voluptuous Chatterbox to be more open about the experiences I've been through. 

My year for blogging went pretty well and I've written about topics such as Fashion, beauty, lifestyle to even gamer dating. Check out my blogging highlights below. 

In the very first post 2020 - The Past, The Future & The Present I detailed all that I wanted to achieve in the year ahead before writing 10 Pieces of Advice I Would Have Given Myself 10 Years Ago.

A new topic I enjoyed writing more off in 2020 was my dating and relationship experiences. From my biggest dating disaster stories (definitely read if you want a giggle) to my first ever virtual date attempt including a few in-person dates such as crazy golfing and bowling to a pizza date, I had so much fun getting out of my comfort zone and sharing a part of my life I rarely do online. 

My five favourite blog posts of 2020 include 

I've been planning my January/February blogging and have a few ideas which I'm really excited about sharing as this year I want to really focus my energy on writing, trying new things, and also continuing to concentrate on my finances and strengthening the relationships I have with my family and friends. 

2020 was and will always be a pretty special year for me now as I met my boyfriend, never did I imagine that messaging a man back in January on a dating app would lead to a few dates, virtually dating them through lockdowns to coming out the other end, and now over 3 months into a happy, healthy relationship. He's changed my life for the better and made me appreciate who I am inside and out including introducing me to so many new things such as attending Crusaders football matches, twitch streaming communities, and a relaxed, laidback side to myself which I very much like! (Read some of our dating adventures above)

For now, I'm going to sign off as this blog post has taken me about 4 hours to write thanks to Ethan my cat who decided to knock everything off the unit, try and eat paper to then giving me evils! I think someones feeling neglected.

Did you have plans for NYE? Did you have a good start to the new year? Let me know below! 

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Blogmas 2020.. so far..

14 Dec 2020

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Back in November, I remember feeling so excited that I'd written 31 blog posts and was ready to get them all written and scheduled but as soon as December hit and even till this day I have been in complete and utter stress mode.. worrying about presents, am I gifting people enough, money, spending time with everyone that I've worn myself out.. completely! 

Blogmas for me wasn't meant to be about that and I assumed (silly me) it would be fun! I haven't even had a chance to really push my posts out there and read my favourite blogs! This is why this week I'm doing things a little differently, I'm going to really take a step back, try to relax and enjoy the lead up to Christmas because for me it isn't about gifts or anything like it but time spent together and when I say all I want is a little time with someone I hope they feel the same. 

I took a step back this weekend past from everything - social media, blogging, emailsw which really helped! I spent some quality time with my boyfriend, went to a football match and really got my energy levels restored. 

Plans for this week include catching up on my favourite blogs and taking things a little easier and enjoying crafting, watching festive movies with my mum. 

So far with Blogmas 2020....

Are you doing blogmas? Do you have any tips? Let me know below! 

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5 Handmade Gifts for the One You Love This Christmas

11 Dec 2020

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When it comes to gifting at Christmas if you're anything like me ... money is not important. I would love a DIY gift because it's the thought, time and effort someone I care about has put into it. 

I sat and thought "what gifts would I appreciate this Christmas" and I came up with these ideas that would mean so much to me. So if you're stuck on gifts to buy the one you love then take note as here is a list of DIY gifts you can create for them. 

1) A printed photo framed with a note

Who doesn't love our selfies come to life on our shelves or nightstand? It's super cute and special!

2) Redemption vouchers or coupons

You could make these as unique to your relationship as possible and also as naughty or nice as you want to be with them! Check out some of the ideas on Pinterest. I absolutely love this idea and half tempted to do it for my boyfriend!

3) Scrapbook

Make them a scrapbook full to the brim of photos, cinema tickets, and little handwritten messages. 

4) Open When Letters

One for when they're sad, happy, stressed, missing you etc. These are the perfect little pick me up for long-distance. It's always great talking on the phone and video calling but sometimes a handwritten letter can really hit home. 

5) 52 Reasons Why You Love Them 

Grab an old deck of cards and personalise each one with a reason you love your other half. You can get as creative as you like and in the end, hole punch a hole in them and tie a ribbon through them to bind them all together.  

What do you think of the above ideas? Do you like gifting and receiving handmade gifts? Let me know below! 
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10 Modern Festive Songs You Need On Your Playlist

9 Dec 2020

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'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree' to 'Fairytale of New York'  are two classic songs that the majority of us start listening to every year through the festive season. In recent years though there have been quite a few modern songs that have been released I've added to my Christmas playlist! 

Check out the 10 Modern Festive Songs You Need On Your Playlist below. 

1) Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande

2) All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey ft Justin Bieber

3) One More Sleep - Leona Lewis

4) Underneath the Tree - Kelly Clarkson

5) Santa's Coming For Us - Sia

6) Cozy Little Christmas - Katy Perry

7) Oh Santa - Mariah Carey ft Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson

8) Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

9) Like It's Christmas - Jonas Brothers

10) Noel - Chris Tomlin ft Lauren Daigle 

What do you think of the songs above? Have you added these to your list? Let me know below!

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The Ultimate Netflix Christmas Movie Watchlist

8 Dec 2020

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When it comes to watching Christmas movies there is always that one we favour the most over the others, for me it's Elf! Elf is such a fun, festive, family film that everyone can enjoy. It's been my favourite movie for so many years as watching it always got me in the mood the holidays ahead. 

Home Alone has came in a close second for me with The Princess Switch from Netflix a third! I absolutely adore that film and have yet to watch Switched Again as I'm hoping to with my mum this week! 

Below you will find the Ultimate Netflix Christmas Movie Watchlist.

How many will you be watching this year? or how many have you watched so far?  Let me know below! 
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The Boyfriend Tag | Christmas Style

7 Dec 2020


This is my first Christmas with my boyfriend so I wanted to do something fun to celebrate that and as he always brings out my goofy and carefree side so naturally, I decided The Boyfriend Tag would be a fab way to see how similar or opposite we are when it comes to the festive period as he knows I'm kind of excited with Christmas. 

1) What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? 

Kerry-Ann: I'm most looking forward to my first Christmas with Lee and spending time with my family. 

Lee: Spending it in a relationship with someone I love.

2) Do you have any festive traditions?

Kerry-Ann: We always open one present on Christmas Eve.. although over the years my sister and I have bent the rules so it's only one present from our mum!

Lee: I go to my parents' house on Christmas Eve and stay over until 26th/27th. 

3) When you hear the word Christmas, what do you think about?

Kerry-Ann: Lights, Christmas trees and my family on Christmas morning when we still get excited to rip the paper off our gifts.

Lee: Snow, good spirits and family.

4) Is there anywhere you'd like to spend the holiday season?

Kerry-Ann: This is easy, without a doubt New York. It's one of the cities I've been obsessed with since I was a child and I've had a festive New York bucket list for years! 

Lee: 2 places - either Las Vegas (to see how it gets decorated) or New York!

5) What does your Christmas dinner look like?

Kerry-Ann: Mashed and Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Garden and Bigga Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower.

Lee: Turkey, stuffing, gammon, roast and boiled potatoes, sprouts, peas and carrots. Sometimes chipolatas.

6) Do you have a favourite Christmas or December memory?

Kerry-Ann: We always went to my Grandparents when I was growing up on Christmas day it was always where my whole family congregated and I remember when I was about 11 it was snowing and nearly my whole family had a massive snow fight! My Granny watched from the window whilst my Granda watched his film on the TV and we literally just all had a ball together. 

Lee: The surprise of receiving a Playstation 2 in 2000 when I never expected to receive it. 

7) What gift have you always wanted but never received? 

Kerry-Ann: I've always wanted a charm bracelet filled with charms that represent different memories with someone. I always asked for one or dropped hints every year but my mum always tells me she wouldn't have a clue what to fill it with.

Lee: Action Man Street racer, but Santa wrote me a letter to explain that his elves couldn't make it. 

8) Do you have a real or artificial tree?

Kerry-Ann: Artificial! If I think it's bad my cat Ethan attempting to snack on the fake one everyday, gosh knows what he would do with a real one!

Lee: Artificial for sure! I couldn't keep a real one!

9) You've been granted a wish, what is it?

Kerry-Ann:  To give the world a hug right now! I don't think there's not one person that deserves or needs one.

Lee: For the global pandemic to subside shortly so we can get back to normality very soon afterwards. 

10) What are your plans or goals for 2021?

Kerry-Ann: I spent 2020 focusing on my finances and it's something I will continue to focus on going into 2021. Although in 2021 I want to really think about career options and goals within that area of my life as well as my blogging/writing. 

My plans include continuing to support my boyfriend in his streaming and also strengthening my relationships with friends, family, and my boyfriend.

Lee: To get better at my current job, to support my girlfriend in expanding her audience on her social media platforms and her blog as well as my Twitcher channel and influence.


Song: All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey
Movie: ELF
Snack: Candy Canes or Poundland Chocolate Santas
Gift Received: A Telescope I never knew I was getting one year, my dad had lost his job and we didn't have much but it was still one of my favourite Christmasses when he left and came back into the living room after we'd opened our presents and told us someone had left more gifts at the door for us. Mine was a telescope and it's my gift I've received at Christmas. 
Drink: Pink Gin and Lemonade (as pictured below) or Hot Chocolae

Song: All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey
Movie: Die Hard or Gremlins (Don't @ me)
Snack: Candy Cane or Chocolate
Gift Received: I couldn't pick one I cherish them all.
Drink: Has to be beer for me, sadly!

I'm actually surprised by the similarities in some of our answers but also really happy how much we both love the festive season and how important our families are to us. 

Lee is a Twitch streamer under the name cptfishpaste as mentioned I before in my 10 Twitch Streamers You Should Be Watching if you're interested in gaming or enjoy watching others play games then check out his channel and social media links below! I can guarantee you'll be laughing, smiling, and have a fab time if you stop by! We always end up talking and chatting about so much more than gaming and he's always so supportive of fellow streamers that sop by and off me and my blogging. 

What do you think of The Boyfriend Tag? Have you done it with a partner? Let me know below! 
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