Wait A Minute Girl, Happy Masturbation Day! 3 Toys You Need To Try Now

For anyone not aware today is International Masturbation Day and May is Masturbation Month. It’s 2022, and hopefully, gone are the days where women hide and feel ashamed or embarrassed for openly saying they masturbate.

Do you remember the days when we would have stage whispered and called our toys B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriends) when amongst friends? Is that still a thing? I’m going to refer to it now as self-care. We are fully embracing safe, exciting, and downright orgasmic self-pleasure. It’s something that we should feel empowered, confident, and sexy about because we are taking the time to explore our own bodies and fulfilling any desires we may have our own way.

Heighten your arousal with these 3 Toys You Need To Try, perfect for beginners plus super affordable. So whether you’re in your best lingerie or your old oversized t-shirt nightie prepare to be in delirium.

It’s important to remember to always wash your hands before touching, making sure your nails are filed and clean, wash your toys after each use and keep those spare batteries stocked up. There are so many wipes and cleaning essentials available from Lovehoney and Ann Summers.

1 – The Bullet Vibrator

Ann Summers | Buy Here | RRP £12

This handy little device comes with 3-speed functions, is waterproof and it’s also available in different colours such as silver and pink. (Bonus: it fits in your lipstick case)

2- Triple Tickler Realistic G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

Lovehoney | Buy Here | RRP £24.99 currently on offer £14.99

This 5.5inch waterproof G-spot dildo will hit all the spots you want as it leaves you in charge of your gratification with its multispeed bullet function. Meet your latest reason for cancelling plans and staying home!

3 – Quantum Vibrating Bullet

Ann Summers | Buy Here | RRP £16

Another small and handy one on the list is The Quantum Vibrating Bullet with its 7 speeds, smooth material, and round end it’s a step up from number 1.

Remember: Always take things at your pace and don’t overwhelm yourself with all that’s available. Shop around and find what suits you.

XOXO, Sara

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